Increasing sales by reaching Harley riders online

Increasing sales by reaching Harley riders online

An internationally known motorcycle parts dealer came to ALINE with the goal of increasing online sales in the U.S. We offered a digital marketing strategy that would include developing a new website focused on improved SEO content and improved functionality of the ecommerce pages, and running digital ads.

After launching a new SEO-optimized website with a complete product catalog, the company's organic website traffic increased over 100%.  Our client earned top page rankings nationally on high volume search terms related to their Harley-Davidson product offerings.  The ALINE team also added ecommerce functionality to the website and launched brand awareness and re-marketing campaigns.  The result of these ads led to a 22% increase in sales nationally over the first quarter of the campaign.

August 2019 - July 2020 Sales Data

We identified an opportunity to connect with a new and growing customer base: owners of Harley-Davidsons. Even though our client had a strong brand nationally for many of their products line, these products were newer and cater to a demographic that might not be familiar with the company's high-end reputation.  So we knew that, along with trade shows and events, the client needed to boost their digital presence for the Harley product line.

2019 vs 2020 Organic Search Traffic by Month

On the new website ALINE built, we included SEO-optimized product pages to target keywords related to all types of Harley motorcycle search terms. Once the site was complete, we designed and implemented product awareness and re-marketing ads to increase brand visibility among its target demographic of Harley enthusiasts.

Sample of top page ranking keywords

"Everyone at ALINE is a pleasure to work with. They’re so helpful in finding creative solutions to carve a unique path forward for growth in sales, and marketing. Truly good, honest, hard working people. A+"

—Casey, Marketing Director, on Google

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