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Effective online recruiting starts with telling your story.

This story should be told throughout your entire marketing strategy, which may include internal communication, your website, social media, emails, client communications, and more. But what is your company's story, and why does this matter so much when hiring?

Case Study

Smiling Faces, Delicious Food and 75 Years of History

How we brought the Wade's Restaurant company story online

Liles Row

Storytelling means sharing what's unique about your company.

For some organizations, this story may focus on its history, founders or the story of its growth. For others, the story could be about the company’s special role in its hometown, or about a set of values all the employees share.

Case Study

Showcasing a great company culture on a major recruiting platform

Liles Construction's LinkedIn Profile 

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Storytelling is the heart of recruitment.

Employees are motivated by so much more than money. Highly-ranked motivational factors for workers include positive peer groups and feeling like they’re doing good in the world, which are both stories a brand can tell. And the benefits employees seek are about more than health care and retirement.

Meredith, Sterling and Hilary

How to Jump In

If you’re ready to tell your story in a way that attracts more and better applicants for jobs, start with these steps.

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