An Anniversary Refresh

Throughout its longstanding history as a Spartanburg landmark, Wade’s Restaurant has navigated an ever-evolving marketing landscape. Most recently, they enlisted the help of ALINE to refresh their website as part of their 75th anniversary celebration. Wade’s needed a strategic plan to keep their website relevant for their regular guests, appeal to new generations of diners and visitors, promote its growing menu of frozen, take-home foods, and attract new employees...all while paying tribute to their legacy and historic roots. The ALINE team utilized refreshed photography and a dynamic page design to deliver a first-in-class website highlighting Wade’s history, values, and food like never before.


Wade's Through A Different Lens: Updated Photography

At the top of our to-do list was capturing new photos featuring the smiling faces and delicious entrees of Wade’s. We used simply-plated dishes and natural light to showcase the appetizing food and highlight the wonderful staff and atmosphere.


Find What You Need: Dynamic Page Design

With an increasing number of service offerings, it was important for the new Wade’s site to effectively organize information into streamlined, dynamic pages that encourage audiences to quickly find what they need, as they seek to dine at Wade’s, order frozen food, or apply for jobs.

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