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The Haynesville Project (THP) was developed to spotlight a niche but important problem, so they needed a strong identity and website to tell their unique story. ALINE helped bring the THP team’s inspired idea to life by creating a memorable logo, writing compelling copy, and helping reorganize and redesign the website to better connect with widely varied target audiences.

The result is an informative, persuasive brand and website that position the nonprofit to meet its goals of expanding fundraising and, most importantly, extending more grants to liberal arts professors.

Our Brand Development Services

How to tell a story that's totally new

How to tell a story that’s totally new

Some nonprofits have a clear and easy mission: help kids read or feed the hungry. But The Haynesville Project is treading new waters with their mission to give career- and life-altering grants to newly tenured professors working in the humanities. Not just a research grant, gifts from THP can be used for personal and professional expenses, and are designed to reward and retain professors at a pivotal time in their careers.

With this unique story to pitch, THP needed a memorable brand and clear storytelling on a dynamic, informative website. They needed their story to resonate with universities that may house these grants, with potential donors, and with potential grant recipients. They had a basic website in place, but ALINE was able to provide the direction and creativity needed to better resonate with target audiences.

Our Brand Development Services

ALINE improved The Haynesville Project’s brand and messaging by:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders to understand the organization’s history, mission and purpose
  • Writing a positioning statement and voice guidelines to ensure all future pieces were correct and cohesive
  • Designing several logo options and exploring color options and taglines until a final logo was created that could be used in a variety of settings
  • Reorganizing website content to better tell the story and improve navigation and use for various audiences
  • Recommending photography
  • Editing website copy as needed

The final brand and website clearly tell this original nonprofit’s story and mission, and position The Haynesville Project for future success.

ALINE not only helped us create a brand, they asked great questions that helped us develop our mission more fully. As we worked on the website together, they added expertise in content flow and imagery that we could not have found on our own.

- Bethany Mateosian

ALINE is your creative partner

The Haynesville Project was lucky to have access to in-house writers and folks familiar with logo and website design. But they relied on ALINE’s expertise to push them further creatively, and to help with big-picture issues like site content organization and visual imagery. ALINE and THP worked as a team, with ALINE taking the lead on design and direction, and THP providing ideas, copy and input.

ALINE was honored to help this innovative nonprofit take flight. How can we help your organization better tell its story?

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