MX3 Diagnostics

Building an Innovative Startup

MX3 Diagnostics

The Need

MX3 Diagnostics was formed by Ph.D.s and entrepreneurs who had developed an innovative method to test key biometrics—primarily hydration levels—using only saliva and a small, handheld device. This breakthrough technology produces lab-accurate measurements on-the-go, opening up endless possibilities for sports teams, high-risk employers, the military, and other organizations who need immediate hydration and health data. But first, MX3 had to explain their technology and its benefits among a crowded field of health startups.


The Solution

MX3 partnered with ALINE early in its existence, so we were there from the beginning to tell the story of the technology and its myriad applications. From website design to pitch slides and product packaging, we fine-tuned the look and use of the brand, and then pivoted over the years, as needed, to appeal to audiences ranging from early investors to the U.S. Military and professional sports teams around the world.

ALINE Delivered:

Website image Large Screens
Website image Small Screens
Packaging and Strips
Packaging and Strips

Visual Identity

A new company in a crowded field needs strong visual storytelling that resonates with target audiences. ALINE began by fully developing the MX3 brand components for both digital and print use. We then designed the product packaging (look, size and use), created the website, selected photography, and designed collateral material, including investor pitch decks and trade show marketing materials.

Phone and Device - Large Screens
Device and Phone Small Screens
Device in Use
Device in Use
Device with Instructions

Explainers: Content + Visual + Storytelling

The MX3 technology is revolutionary — so much so that it could be seen as not believable (a common problem in personal biotech devices). The company needed to share clear, accurate and persuasive information about their tech, how it works, and how people and organizations could use it. So ALINE developed product guides, including illustrations, instructions, flow charts, and other descriptive visuals to help explain what MX3 does and how to use the product.

Evolving with a Company

ALINE’s partnership with MX3 meant our role changed as MX3 grew. We began by introducing the company to investors, then shifted to sell the product directly to various audiences. We helped target niche markets and tell the MX3 story to new markets as the product was being used by more customers. Along the way, ALINE provided marketing consulting to help this small, innovative startup connect with customers and grow around the world.

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