Strong ROI for a South Carolina Lakefront Developer

Strong ROI for a South Carolina Lakefront Developer

Claiborne Linvill Claiborne Linvill

When an engaging website is paired with a savvy digital marketing strategy, a client’s goals can be met in a short amount of time – even during a pandemic that sidelines traditional sales methods.

With Palmetto Pointe, a beautiful new lakefront development on Lake Murray, ALINE helped the team increase leads, convert site users and ultimately sell almost every property in just a few short months. Palmetto Pointe’s return on investment (ROI) for digital marketing was clear: about $30,000 in marketing earned over $4.8 million in lot sales in just three months.

ALINE worked closely with Palmetto Pointe to build a scalable website (adding new pages as budget allowed) with an overall end goal to support lead-generation efforts. We paired the initial site’s launch with a retargeting ad campaign in May 2020. After initial success, we rolled out a related Facebook campaign and Google Search campaign. These efforts paired well together, with 37% of the site goal completions specifically resulting from the combined ALINE-developed ad campaigns.

Palmetto Pointe then implemented a smart email marketing campaign combined with a press release and paired digital ad strategy. The combination was incredibly effective: from May to July 2020, compared to previous year, website users had increased 1,325% and goal completions increased 292%.

Any good marketing campaign has to be flexible, and ALINE and Palmetto Pointe had to shift to work within the constraints of the Covid pandemic (interested buyers could not attend big showcases or tours on the property, for example). So, the team put effort into small but focused ad campaigns on a tight budget. The messaging shifted each month, offering closing cost coupons or new lots with docks packages. Developing Facebook New Leads, Facebook Retargeting, In-house eBlasts, Social Media, and a new website landing pages, ALINE produced these successes:

  • Month 1: $5,000 budget resulted in almost $590,000 in sales in 22 days.
  • Month 2: $11,000 budget resulted in $804,000 in sales in 23 days.
  • Month 3: Around $12,000 budget led to almost $900,000 in 25 days.

For this project, ALINE partnered with a production team that Palmetto Pointe had brought on board, Beeline Design. Beeline Design provided creative and production work that made these ads, emails and landing pages pop. Overall, the creative, flexible teams and targeted advertising campaigns helped Palmetto Pointe sell lots even when traditional real estate marketing efforts couldn’t take place.

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