Big growth for a local family dentist

Big growth for a local family dentist

Cedar Spring Family Dentistry recently moved into a larger office to accommodate their growing number of patients – a growth this local dentist office attributes strongly to their two-year marketing partnership with ALINE.

In the two years since our partnership began, Cedar Spring Family Dentistry has received:

  • Increase of website visitors by 18%, and in increase of website goal completions (users contacting the office) by over 450%.
  • Digital ad campaigns that led 34% of all website users to the site
  • A 37% increase in the success of Google Ads at 52% less cost per conversion.

When Cedar Spring Family Dentistry approached ALINE in 2018, the office was a well-established dental practice that had operated since 1984 and was run by two dentists. They were interested in attracting new patients, but weren’t sure where to start with their online presence or digital ads. Outside of a few advertisements in local lifestyle magazines, the practice has not invested heavily in marketing and had relied on referrals to drive new business.

Digital ad campaigns led to 34% of all website visitors

ALINE first identified opportunities for growth by defining the audience. We focused on attracting more families to become long-term patients, attracting people whose employer-provided dental insurance was accepted at the practice, and generating more awareness through online reviews and referrals.

Full Digital Marketing Campaign for Cedar Springs Family Dentistry

ALINE then took the practice through a holistic new branding process to create a new logo for Cedar Spring Family Dentistry brand. The logo was designed to create a unique look for the practice while highlighting its focus on having a family atmosphere and approach.

With a new brand and positioning statement in place, ALINE launched a full digital marketing campaign, which included designing, developing, writing and launching a new website. The site was created to ensure ease of use in making appointments, and to include keyword-rich content to help with organic search and support digital ads.

Over the past two years, ALINE has developed and implemented a comprehensive ongoing marketing plan that has included: expanded online directory management; paid Google and Facebook ads; regular social media posts; bi-monthly blog writing and posting; regular website content updates; creating and sending e-newsletters; and curating online reviews.

Most importantly, Cedar Spring Family Dentistry has greatly increased their client base and grown enough to move into a new office space. ALINE’s marketing efforts can be recorded as a success every time a new patient walks through the door – which has been happening often at this growing local office.

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