The Bottom Line: Smart Websites Increase Sales

If you’ve ever asked a customer for a review, you know you can get a mixed bag of responses. At A-LINE, we’re always thrilled to hear from happy clients who are excited about the new look of their brand or the increased functionality of their website. But the other day, we got some feedback that really stopped us in our tracks.

In the past year, our profits are up almost 16%. We attribute a lot of that growth to our new brand and website from A-LINE.”
--Dr. Glenn Adcock, Pine Street Animal Hospital

Wow! Dr. Adcock’s testimonial is a reminder of what a powerful, thoughtful website can truly do for a company. Pine Street Animal Hospital added a new building and grooming services, and paired this expansion with a new website, strategically positioning the clinic for across-the-board growth. And it worked.

As we witness every day, the results of a well planned website and launch truly affect the bottom line of all our clients. For example:

  • After the launch of Smithworks Fine Jewelry’s website and related social media campaigns, the company gained 1,100 Likes on Facebook and received 1,500 website visitors – effectively transforming the company from a downtown storefront to an online destination, tastemaker and interactive brand.
  • A-LINE’s strategy for YAM helped the start-up small business sign up 250 email subscribers – that’s 250 fans who actively want to hear more about classes and events – in just one month.
  • At Pine Street Animal Hospital, the content and copy of their new site helped the page to rank second or third on search-engine results, being beaten only by major national brands like PetSmart.

While a new website can seem expensive at first, the cost put into careful planning, research and design ensures that your website becomes the hardest working tool to find and secure customers and land sales. Beyond being an attractive face for your brand, a strategic and well-designed website should:

  • Make it simple for users to find you via searches from computers or phones
  • Make it easy for customers to call, email or find you with one click
  • Convert site visitors into customers – via online sales or increasing foot traffic
  • Turn casual or one-time visitors into lasting fans who provide referrals
  • Provide the base from which you can launch multiple marketing campaigns and communication strategies to continually stay in touch with and convert customers

Is your website doing all it can to increase sales and work for you? Contact us today if you’re ready to make your website raise your bottom line.

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