A-LINE'S Guide to Unleashing the Power of Images

A-LINE'S Guide to Unleashing the Power of Images

Think about the last day that you spent on social media: What kind of information did you click on? What did you share? What did you post? And what do you still remember today? Odds are that your answer to most of those questions involved images—photos or graphics that made you laugh, connected you to someone or some place far away, or helped show powerful content. Photos and images jump out of social media pages because they carry the most meaning.

In a study on Fast Company, its social media experts found that tweets with images received 150% more retweets than those without images. Another study shows that Facebook posts that include images earn 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks than posts with only text.

So as companies, how can we embed these photos and images into our marketing efforts—and get all the views, clicks and shares that photos tend to offer? And can the average business owner or marketing employee take or make the images that get shared on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest?

Download A-LINE’s Guide to Unleashing the Power of Images to learn how to use, develop and share photos as part of a dynamic social media strategy.

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Here at A-LINE Interactive, we are constantly evaluating, reviewing and questioning our marketing decisions. Over time we've realized that other local organizations are asking a lot of the same questions. In order to better serve our friends, clients and the Upstate community, we're writing and sharing a monthly marketing tip. In these, we'll share our thoughts on how to optimize a particular component of interactive marketing strategy, giving you some helpful tools to boost your company's online presence and increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

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