Rebranding ALINE: How did we know this was the time?

ALINE, A Marketing Company. 

Just four words. And fairly obvious ones at that. You wouldn't think it would take very long to figure out what your company should call itself and how it should describe itself. But often, it does. And it should. It's too important to wing it. This is true whether you are a startup or an established company whose name no longer accurately reflects your growth and evolution.

After five years as A-LINE Interactive, that's where we found ourselves last year. We knew a rebrand was needed, but we wanted to make sure we did it right, and with business continuing to grow, we put it off for months so we could keep delivering for our growing number of clients. Finally, in December 2017, we carved out enough time and dove into this project.

We completed our rebranding and a complete update of our look this spring. Indeed, it was overdue, but not because we simply wanted some new colors and fonts. ALINE has done a lot of growing since we got our start building websites in 2012. So it was time our name, our look, and our message reflected that.

But getting from where we were to the modern, forward-looking logo you see above this blog — not to mention making the decision to drop the hyphen in our name as well as the word Interactive — was one heck of a process. Nearly every member of our team was involved in some component of our rebrand. We have an experienced, talented group of marketers, designers and programmers, so it made sense to leverage all our talent. That can make the process take longer, but the creative process is almost always a bit messy. More importantly, ensuring there is a rock-solid strategy that drives the creative work is what ALINE has always done for our clients. Our own rebrand was no exception.

We knew we wanted to make sure our brand reflected what we do today. And from custom website development to SEO strategy, from directory management to content strategy, from branding to complete CRM and inbound marketing strategy, ALINE is equipped to help organizations raise their game like never before. We are ALINE, A Marketing Company.

And we're glad you're here.

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