Facebook Ad Campaign Helps Spartanburg Restaurant have Sold-Out Days

Facebook Ad Campaign Helps Spartanburg Restaurant have Sold-Out Days

ALINE built the current Wade's website and has been working on marketing activities for them for many years. After the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything for restaurants, Wade's reached out to us to help increase awareness for their frozen foods offerings and generate more sales. With their restaurant right around the corner from our ALINE office, we picked up some fresh yeast rolls and went to work.

It was a satisfying collaboration that yielded results in no time. With ALINE’s help, Wade’s didn’t need a big budget for their advertising to receive a great return on investment:

  • The Facebook Ads ran from March 1 to April 3, 2021
  • The Ads reached 61,043 people and received 252,384 impressions
  • Pageviews on Wade’s website increased by 15.55% when running the ads
  • Unique pageviews increased by 15.76% compared to the previous period
  • Website traffic from Facebook increased by 68.09%

Goal: Advertising frozen food products

In order to help Wade’s create awareness around their frozen foods, we developed a detailed advertising strategy.

Wade’s main goal was to increase their frozen food sales during the month of March and to rank high in Google results when people search for premade meals. ALINE’s knowledge of digital marketing, and our experience with developing Facebook ads for Wade’s in the past helped us create a new strategy. We were able to analyze the data from the previous campaigns to build a new, successful advertising campaign. After some initial research and brainstorming with the client, ALINE advised how to run successful Facebook advertisements.

Action: Setting up the Campaign

Wade's took several enticing photos of their food to appeal to Facebook users. ALINE paired these with strategic content, using relevant keywords and appealing language. Once the campaign materials were ready, the next step was to dive into the best way to advertise.

Wade's is a staple in the Spartanburg landscape, so it was important to get the ads targeting people in the right geographic area. Another important factor was to reach the right target audience, because who wants to look at clothes when searching for a restaurant? ALINE set all attributes of the ad campaigns to have them run successfully and be as impactful as possible. This included setting up campaign goals, such as someone ordering food, and reporting all of our findings correctly. While the ads were running, the team performed regular audits. Data analytics helped us analyze the success of the campaign, and because of ALINE's careful research and targeted campaign settings, it turned out to be very successful!

Result: Selling out of Frozen Foods!

“With the help of ALINE and their expertise on Facebook advertising, we were able to double the sales of our cook-at-home frozen products leading up to the Easter holiday season. Typically we just focus on promoting this specific product in-store and through organic posts on our social media pages, but with the extra spend on Facebook Ads, we saw a great return on that investment! It’s often hard to find the time to complete an advertising effort like this but with ALINE leading the charge — it was a breeze! I was able to give them general direction and they ran with it while also checking in with me every step of the way. I look forward to partnering with them again on our next campaign!”
- Anna Liles, Wade’s Marketing Director

Working with Wade’s has been a pleasure once again! ALINE is proud to have had the opportunity to build Wade’s website and to collaborate on multiple exciting ad campaigns. We are looking forward to many more successful collaborations.

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