Using Video to Build Your Brand

Using Video to Build Your Brand

Carolyn Baughman Carolyn Baughman

It's time for your business to embrace video

Using video in your marketing strategy can help promote your business in powerful ways. Videos can connect with potential and existing customers, convey your core values and share educational content with viewers. Think about it: as you scroll through someone’s website, aren’t you more likely to click on a video than scroll through a world of text? Plus, let’s face it, we humans are drawn to moving images, especially those that share a story!

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There are many benefits of using video. By using video in your marketing strategy, you’ll instantly have access to free traffic sources like YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion. Talk about cost effective: these sites are FREE and simple to use. They’re easy to post and link to, plus it’s equally simple for your viewers to share video content. In fact, Facebook found that video content is shared 1200% more than links and text posts combined.

Additionally, a message delivered via video is just plain “stickier.” Your viewers are much more likely to absorb, remember and respond to a video message. Having a snappy website, blog and social media presence is priority #1, yes. But the trick is continuing to stay top of mind, and that’s where video can make a huge difference. (Often this is the difference between getting noticed vs. getting picked over.)

Videos can foster deeper connections

Using video in your marketing strategy can also reveal personality. Don’t forget the “human condition” piece of all of this: as humans, we like to connect with our brands. We want to understand the why behind a brand in order to feel like a brand is worth our business. Creating video allows you to show who your brand is, and put a face, voice and story behind a company name.

Last, but certainly not least, search engines love video. Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings, thus creating huge SEO advantages. In other words, Google rewards video creators with free traffic, and those visitors can turn into customers. Also, videos increase the amount of time that viewers spend browsing your page.

So how do you get started?

A few simple ideas could include: showing off a product, creating a simple educational how-to video, bringing customer testimonials to life, showing the “faces behind the brand” by introducing your staff, or even showing a “day in the life” of your business.

And you don’t have to be a slick video producer to create videos. Shooting, editing and sharing video is now easier than ever. Software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie are great online resources to get you started.

Next, share your video to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you add interesting titles and descriptions. This will draw viewers in and make your videos more “shareable.”

Finally, when it comes to adding video to your marketing strategy…don’t overthink it. Just try out a few ideas and see what feels right for your brand. Then watch as viewers absorb, connect with, and share your videos. This simple step can cast a much wider marketing net for sharing your brand message.

Interested in Video for Your Business? Let us Know.

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