So long 2020! Here’s to growing in 2021!

So long 2020! Here’s to growing in 2021!

2020 is a year none of us will soon forget. We know many businesses struggled during this time, and many families and friends were faced with challenge after challenge. But through it all, we’re ending the year on a high note: grateful for our clients, more in love with our community than ever, and feeling hopeful for 2021.

The challenges of 2020 certainly forced many of us to make changes – some more comfortable than others. At ALINE, we took the time to grow our team, get comfortable in our new space, launch this new website you’re on, take on some great clients and help out some long-term clients. We improved some communications and rethought some processes. We saw our clients take this time to rethink their marketing, to refresh their websites, and to become creative and nimble about their sales, products and goals. ALINE partnered with many of you to help you define and target new goals, and it was truly inspiring to watch you show resilience, strength and even growth during this challenging year.

The new year often leads to a focus on strategic planning. Whether you’re feeling concerned about the first quarter of 2021 or are excited to take on something new this year, our team is here to help. And if 2021 is your year to launch a new product, expand your client base, grow your recognition or reengage donors, ALINE is ready to be your partner in strategic, smart growth.

Please enjoy the holidays as a chance to recover from the craziness of 2020. We’ll be here in 2021 to help your organization achieve your goals.

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