Discovering Target Audiences for Your Marketing

Discovering Target Audiences for Your Marketing

"If you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to anyone."

When it comes to effective branding, no truer words have been spoken.

Unfortunately too many small and local businesses approach marketing without a clear picture of its best potential audiences. As a result, they don't obtain the maximum results from their efforts even if they have large advertising budgets.

With marketing channels such as email, social media, unique URLs and more, it's never been easier to develop and promote targeted content to specific audiences. When utilized strategically, the end result is often better response, increased traffic and a higher number of sales and conversions.

What is a Target Audience?
At the root of all of these tools is a business' ability to pinpoint their best potential audiences. Not only who they are, but increasingly detailed understanding about their unique challenges, opportunities, interests and behaviors that ultimately impact their purchasing decisions. This group is the target audience. And once you successfully communicate with this subset, marketing efforts often begin to tip the scales dramatically.

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A-LINE's Guide to Defining your Target Audience
If you're ready to figure out who is in your organization's key market we've authored a simple five-step plan to help discover your best potential fans. Click here to download your free guide and start moving beyond broadcast advertising and more narrowly focus your marketing efforts.

Here at A-LINE Interactive we are constantly evaluating, reviewing and questioning our own marketing decisions. Over time we've realized that other local organizations are asking a lot of the same questions. In order to better serve our friends, clients, and the upstate community we're writing and sharing a monthly marketing tip. In these, we'll share our thoughts on how to optimize a particular component of interactive marketing strategy, giving you a few tools to boost your company's online presence and increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

It's free advice to help local organizations find their way in interactive marketing. It's also our small way of saying "Thanks" to individuals and businesses that also love the city we call home.

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