Little River Roasting eCommerce Website

Little River Roasting eCommerce Website

In early 2020, ALINE led a complete overhaul of the Little River Roasting website. As this staple of the Spartanburg community began expanding their reach regionally and nationally, they looked to ALINE to create an online shopping experience that could accommodate this growth, while maintaining the relationship they have built with local clients.

In the months since their new site has launched, the site experienced:

  • a 35% increase in overall website traffic
  • users spending 30–40% more time on the site
  • a reduction in the site’s bounce rate by 26%
  • a 500% rise in internet sales

Also of importance to this retailer, the new website positioned LRR to handle increased online sales and delivery, which proved to be essential during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to ALINE’s improvement of their ecommerce pages, in 2020, Little River Roasting nearly tripled their online sales from the previous year!

The updated Little River Roasting website had to accomplish three main goals:

  1.  to create an easy-to-use online shopping space,
  2.  to guide users towards information about LRR’s four Spartanburg locations, and
  3.  to communicate LRR’s dedication to using sustainable, ethically sourced coffee from around the world. Because Little River is constantly adding new products, menu items, and services, the website also had to contain flexible spaces that were easy to update.

The resulting site is both sleek and dynamic, while staying true to their community-focused roots. Little River may have started as a small refuge for upstate South Carolina’s under-caffeinated, now they have grown into a hub for coffee lovers and enthusiasts everywhere. Which is why if you live in New York or Seattle or Austin, you can order a pound of their light roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to be shipped to your front door, or, if you live in Spartanburg, you can place a loaf of fresh baked rosemary bread to be dropped off within hours.

The design process for this site was a truly collaborative undertaking. We loved drinking way too much delicious coffee with the Little River team while planning every detail of their new website. We hope you’ll spend some time checking out their store and, if you’re in Spartanburg, be sure to stop by one of their four great locations.

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