The ALINE Yearbook: Celebrating 2017 and Eager for 2018

It’s been a little while since we’ve signed yearbooks – or even opened ours to chuckle about awkward haircuts, questionable fashion sense, and the messages our friends wrote.

Reflecting on 2017, Team A-LINE has much to celebrate. We’re thankful to have a happy and healthy team – and to work with fun clients, helping both young and established brands develop and share their brand stories.

Here are a few favorite memories from this year, as well as some lessons we’ll be bringing into 2018 with us:

Remember when…?

  • Charles got married to beautiful Emily! Nicole and her husband, Brian, tore up the dance floor at the reception.
  • We launched the new Wade’s Restaurant website, a 70+-year beloved family-owned company in the ‘Burg. With Meredith’s spouse as part of their leadership team, the Wade’s family is our family.
  • Pierce Warren Draper, Sterling’s son, celebrated his first New Year’s.
  • We launched a new corporate website for J M Smith Corporation, which celebrates their nearly 100-year history of entrepreneurship and innovation, and are excited to be part of their creative team that’s driving forward momentum.
  • Toby and his wife, Erin, celebrated their first anniversary.
  • We’re growing our team, and welcoming our newest teammate, Will Rothschild, a longtime Spartanburg resident with extensive strategic communications and marketing management experience.

Lessons Learned:

Throughout 2017, we dug deeper with clients to develop their digital marketing strategies. We honed our skills, created a streamlined process for analytical and actionable marketing reviews, explored advertising avenues like Facebook Offers and AdWords Snippets, and obtained our Google AdWords Partner Certification.

Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way:

“Take what works and leave out what doesn’t. I’ve learned extreme time management this year while raising two crumb-munchers. One is sick with a fever and one is sleeping in my arm while I type this one-handed.”

– Sterling Draper

“Be gentle with people and vigilant with time. I’ve embraced bursts of hyper-focused time, which gets easier when you know your goals. Your focus becomes exceptionally clear – and gives you plenty of time to be present with people.”

-- Nicole Cendrowski

“Between running a company and planning a wedding, I learned time management from both a professional and personal perspective. It’s strategic to specialize and identify where the business partnership is going to be most impactful for everyone involved. That kind of focus feels great.”

-Charles Refshauge

Looking Ahead:

In 2018, we’ll have more news to share. Right now, we’re paring back the vines to prepare for new growth. We’re eager to share our new direction with you, so stayed tuned and stay classy, Amigos.

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