A-LINE'S Guide to Branding

A-LINE'S Guide to Branding

Do I Really Need a Brand?

The short answer: You already have one (and maintaining it is absolutely necessary!)

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon famously said “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.”

In other words, no matter the size or age of your business, your brand is the public face of your company – whether you’ve worked to cultivate it our not. By continually addressing your image, the act of branding allows you to distill your company's strengths and culture into a distinctive and consistent message that permeates your business and pulls clients through the door.

Where Do I Utilize my Brand?

A brand lies at the very heart of any business. Executed successfully, it makes itself apparent everywhere, from the tiny platform of a business card to the out-sized splash of a billboard. It works for you while you're working, and it works for you while you're sleeping. You embody your brand when you're interacting with customers, and your brand embodies you when you can't talk to a client directly.

Where do you utilize your brand? Everywhere!

Ready to Start with Branding?

To help you get started, A-LINE Interactive has put together a simple guide explaining the tools and processes that drive successful brands. Click here to access your free guide and take the marketplace by storm!

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Here at A-LINE Interactive, we are constantly evaluating, reviewing and questioning our marketing decisions. Over time we've realized that other local organizations are asking a lot of the same questions. In order to better serve our friends, clients and the Upstate community, we're writing and sharing a monthly marketing tip. In these, we'll share our thoughts on how to optimize a particular component of interactive marketing strategy, giving you some helpful tools to boost your company's online presence and increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

It's free advice to help local organizations find their way in interactive marketing. It's also our small way of saying "Thanks" to individuals and businesses that also love the city we call home.

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