Happy Fall Y'all!

Written By Carolyn Baughman on September 17th, 2018

Reason No. Eleventy Billion Why We Love Where We Live:
Autumn Here Is Undefeated
Happy fall y’all! This is hands-down our favorite time of year. Fall offers an opportunity to get outdoors a little more, take in a few more area events, and raise a glass of seasonal brew to our amazing team and clients.

This time of year is maybe the best to enjoy all of the outdoors activities that the Western Carolinas are known for, from hiking to kayaking, to mountain or road biking, to on-the-front-porch-adult-beverage-drinking. And right now, Spartanburg is positively bustling with fall happenings. Here are a few events that our ALINErs are excited about:
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Crisis Communication Planning

Written By Will Rothschild on August 27th, 2018

If you don't have a crisis communication plan, you're putting all your hard work at risk

I once had a basketball coach who would begin every season by teaching the team how to handle being pressed and trapped by the other team. In basketball, an effective full-court press defense can really make things difficult for the team being pressed. Turnovers pile up, the other team scores a lot of quick, easy baskets, and indecisiveness and frustration mounts, leading to more turnovers and more easy scores for the other team. Before you know it, you look up at the scoreboard and find yourself so far behind that it’s nearly impossible to come back.
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Using Video to Build Your Brand

August 21st, 2018

It's time for your business to embrace video
Using video in your marketing strategy can help promote your business in powerful ways. Videos can connect with potential and existing customers, convey your core values and share educational content with viewers. Think about it: as you scroll through someone’s website, aren’t you more likely to click on a video than scroll through a world of text? Plus, let’s face it, we humans are drawn to moving images, especially those that share a story!
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Branding Done Right: Research, Strategy, Consistency

Written By Charles Refshauge on August 2nd, 2018

When we talk to people and organizations about marketing, pretty much every one of them understands they need a professional, strong, attractive logo and visual identity. Ditto an overall message. All of this (and more) falls under the broad category of branding.

What isn’t always as clear is whether and why their current brand is either on point or missing the mark, what goes into developing a brand that works, and why it’s so important, once you begin to develop it, to remain consistent.
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Rebranding ALINE: How did we know this was the time?

Written By Charles Refshauge on June 28th, 2018

ALINE, A Marketing Company.

Just four words. And fairly obvious ones at that. You wouldn't think it would take very long to figure out what your company should call itself and how it should describe itself. But often, it does. And it should. It's too important to wing it. This is true whether you are a startup or an established company whose name no longer accurately reflects your growth and evolution.
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The Criterium: A big idea, and a big payoff for Spartanburg

Written By Will Rothschild on April 11th, 2018

When Partners for Active Living announced the first Criterium bicycle race in Downtown Spartanburg 13 years ago, you could have heard a collective response from our hometown that sounded something like, “Huh?”
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Strategy for your Multi-Channel Majority

Written By Drew Refshauge on March 8th, 2018

“Mobile-first” and “multi-channel majority” are some of the many buzzwords swimming in the Interwebs. Before you drop your marketing strategy to cannonball fully into the mobile-first movement, let’s review how people are using smart phones, tablets and computers.
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Facebook News Feed Changes: Actions you can take now.

Written By Sterling Draper on February 8th, 2018

Facebook’s announcement about News Feed changes has left people experiencing a myriad of emotions from relief and grief, yet for people who depend on their company Facebook page as an outreach, marketing and sales tool, we encourage you not to fear. In this post, we’ll share an overview of the recent changes and what you can do to adjust for the future.
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Hello from Haiti: Q&A with Claiborne

Written By Meredith Lindsey on January 23rd, 2018

A-LINErs love to travel, and if we can travel with a mission, that’s even better! We caught up with fellow A-LINEr Claiborne Linvill, who’s on a medical mission trip in Haiti, to learn more about her experience there. She’s also chronicling her travels on her blog.
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Fireforge Crafted Beer pouring this Spring

Written By Charles Refshauge on January 17th, 2018

As a local business, we love to support our local companies and start-ups. It doesn’t hurt when they’re homegrown within the A-LINE team -- and it’s craft beer. As you know, we take beverages, both hot and cold very seriously.
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