SEO Optimization Efforts Boost Hospitality Industry - Even During a Pandemic

SEO Optimization Efforts Boost Hospitality Industry - Even During a Pandemic

Prospera Hospitality asked ALINE for help when many hotels were experiencing challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. They wanted to help hotels navigate loss of business, but needed guidance communicating this to their audiences. In order to inform website visitors of their new approach, ALINE researched relevant keywords and provided the client with recommendations before developing new website content and restructuring the website. With the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in place, Prospera was now ready to attract its new target audience and is already showing promising results:

  • Direct traffic to the Prospera website has increased by 40% since implementing ALINE’s strategy, of which 39% were new users.
  • The bounce rate of visitors has decreased almost 8%, and the average session duration has increased by over 10%.
  • In comparing data to the quarter before ALINE took over, total goal completions on the website increased by 84%.
  • Social media has brought an additional 35% of new users to the Prospera website in the period January to March 2021.

Rebranding Hospitality to Hotel Management

Prospera Corporate has partnered with ALINE for many years and was very pleased with the website our team created for them previously. ALINE has continuously worked with Prospera before starting this website content refresh to tackle new developments in their business.

The main adjustment made for this project was to change Prospera’s brand voice. Covid-19 massively impacted the hospitality sector, but Prospera adapted to continue to serve the industry. As a hospitality business, Prospera knew that many hotels were in crisis, and the company pivoted to be ready to help them out. Prospera wants to partner with challenged hotels to deal with shrinking revenues. They listen to the needs of the hotels and tailor their collaboration accordingly. The idea was to make this partnership easy and approachable for the hotel industry. Prospera has a wealth of hospitality knowledge but was lacking the tools to communicate this to their target group. A partnership with ALINE, with years of experience in branding and creating marketing strategies, has proven successful in communicating these services.

SEO Accelerates Growth of New Target Audience

After discussing the challenges with Prospera and researching the industry, ALINE began to freshen up the website content. In addition to rewriting existing content, the team also added additional pages to showcase Prospera’s work and communicate their mission to potential investors. The main goal of implementing an SEO strategy was to generate a steady flow of relevant traffic to the renewed Prospera website, where visitors would be able to find all necessary information for hotels and/or investors.

Besides refreshing content on the existing website and implementing an SEO strategy, ALINE also helped to update H1 titles and metadata. While developing and implementing this strategy, ALINE always kept the client’s values in mind, working towards mutual success with hotels and investors. Only three months after implementation, ALINE’s work has had a significant impact already on the volume of users showing up to Prospera's site via organic search.

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services

ALINE was also asked to help launch and promote a new sister brand for Prospera Hospitality, Prospera Health & Hospitality Services (PHHS), which focuses on the health and safety requirements of the hospitality industry (especially during a pandemic). PHHS combines Prospera’s founders’ years of experience in hospitality management with their connections to medical-grade device manufacturers. This new company can advise and offer products to help hotels and restaurants address Covid-era cleaning and sanitation requirements, as well as new health protocols.


ALINE built a website for Prospera Health and Hospitality

In addition to a full strategic approach, this new company needed a full brand strategy, website, supporting documents, and files for the sales team. ALINE created these documents and built an engaging website with ecommerce capabilities for Prospera Health and Hospitality.

Overall, the Prospera project has been a fun and interesting one, not to mention timely and important. ALINE appreciates the opportunity to help brands expand, pivot and adjust to an ever-changing market through savvy marketing and smart website development.

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