Is Digital Advertising Right for My Business?

Is Digital Advertising Right for My Business?

As a marketing company, our goal at ALINE is to help our clients engage their customers and grow their businesses in strategic and impactful ways. We usually start this process by developing a marketing plan. This plan might include SEO and content development, social media, and other digital marketing strategies, but it also often includes digital advertising.

Catch up on how a Marketing Plan can help grow your business

It’s not unusual for clients to flinch a little when they see “digital ads” in a marketing plan - all they see is $$$. But online advertising doesn't have to break the bank! In fact, a digital ad campaign can be run on almost any budget and is usually cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. With digital ad platforms, you can manage your advertising budget and see where your ad spend is going. You can also edit your ads, increase or decrease your budget, and pause your ads instantly with a simple click.

So the next question is, how can digital ads help grow MY business?

Benefits of Digital Advertising

Across the online advertising landscape, there are a lot of ways digital ads can help you reach your business goals, whether it’s increasing sales, attracting new customers, or reengaging past customers. Online advertising can help you grow brand awareness and generate leads by:

  • Reaching a larger audience and/or a more targeted audience
  • Connecting with customers at multiple stages of the marketing funnel
  • Advertising across multiple devices (desktops, mobile phones, tablets)
  • Utilizing multiple formats (text, image, or both)
  • Enabling more personalization in your message
  • Allowing flexibility and scalability with your campaign costs and settings
  • Providing insights into your customer base and their behavior

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) offers some of these benefits, but it can take time to achieve the same kind of results, especially for new websites. While strategic SEO is vital for helping your business show up at the top of search page results, a targeted digital advertising campaign can help boost your brand visibility.

Learn more about how your business shows up on Google

There are various types of online advertising (paid search, social media, display), as well as multiple channels to choose from (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube). So many choices might seem overwhelming at first, but the variety of options means there is a digital ad format and platform to meet almost any company’s needs - including yours! A new business trying to build brand awareness might use Google Display ads to get as much online exposure as possible or use Facebook ads to showcase their unique products with engaging images. Another company might use Google Search ads to focus on reaching potential customers who are currently in the market for their services. Not every digital ad platform is right for your business, but there is most likely at least one option to help you meet your goals.

We have seen firsthand with our clients how digital advertising can bring in new customers and increase online sales. Read our case study to learn how digital ads increased product sales for a high-end motorcycle suspension distributor.

Online advertising isn’t just for big businesses with big budgets. Strategic ad campaigns with defined audience and geographic targeting can have great success for small- and medium-sized businesses in any industry. If you’re interested in learning more about how digital advertising could help grow your business, reach out to our team at ALINE. We’d love to talk!

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