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Claiborne Linvill Claiborne Linvill

I just completed a renovation of my kitchen. The work included painting the cabinets and walls, building a pantry, putting in new counter tops and installing updated appliances. I had done a lot of research and had a general idea of how to do each project and who could help me with it, but in the end I decided to hire a contractor to manage the entire renovation. I felt that having one expert in charge of all the pieces would ensure that the entire project had the look and feel I wanted – and would be completed with professionalism and trust. As I stand in my lovely new kitchen, after a rather stress-free and enjoyable experience, I know I made the right choice.

Home renovations are a great parallel to design projects. Yes, you can hire one company to make a website, get your cousin to design some inexpensive business cards, try making some Facebook campaigns yourself, and have your spouse proof blog posts in the evening. While this kind of delegation might produce a few nice products, there’s little assurance that the final package – the overall look and feel of your brand, the tone and imagery that clients will know you for – will resonate throughout. Because when it comes to design, having one voice is everything.

At A-LINE Interactive, we’re like a well-seasoned contractor: we’re a small company that can handle a lot of work. With our on-staff designer – who is also an experienced marketing manager – as well as our dedicated project manager who oversees every aspect of your company’s project – we can develop all the pieces that collectively convey your brand. We can build a brand entirely from logo creation through website design, as well as design print marketing pieces like business cards, postcards and fliers. We can even present the strategy to help you ensure all these pieces are effectively seen and used. When you hire A-LINE, you know that your pieces have a singular voice, developed thoughtfully and collectively, to ensure that your brand is professional, unique and memorable.

Ready to kick-off your design efforts? Contact us today. Just please don’t ask us to paint your cabinets.

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