sales funnel development

you have to care about your customers before they'll care about you.

The sales funnel is a journey. Keep your road wide and welcoming.

Before buying a product or supporting an organization, potential customers go on a journey known as the sales funnel, moving from initial awareness of your company to growing interest, consideration and eventual purchase. At ALINE, we develop the marketing tools needed to guide as many customers as possible on this journey.

First, we help understand your customers, their intent, and where they are in their buying process.  We then develop a dynamic strategy to engage them.  Next, lead generation marketing tools kick in to help convert potential clients into loyal customers.  Finally, we keep them engaged through social media platforms, digital ads, emails, relevant web pages, blogs and more.

Along the way, we check and recheck the data to better understand how customers are moving through the sales funnel and how we can tweak our content and tools to better serve them. 

Let's Improve the Journey

ALINE Delivers:

  • Buyer persona development
  • Industry research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Lead generation strategy and tools
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Digital ad strategy and implementation, including retargeting ads
  • Ongoing data analysis and feedback

Stories Worth Celebrating

In our more than 10 years, ALINE has partnered with local, regional and national companies and nonprofits to tell their stories online, in print and with customers. We love to see our logos out in the wild, and we love to watch our clients grow and reach their goals. Follow the link to celebrate along with us some of the great brand stories we've been able to tell.

Our Work

Wade's Website
Wrong Way Campground
Ohlins USA
Movement 2030
Hub City Roots
Wades Restaurant
Access Health Spartanburg
Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium
Habitat for Humanity Spartanburg
Hodge Floors
Ballet Spartanburg
Partners for Active Living
Kids Clubs
Davidson River Outfitters
Spartanburg Water
Little River Roasting
The Hub and Pisgah Tavern
Hub City Writers Project
Hub City Hog Fest
Correll Insurance Group
Spartanburg Area Conservancy
Upstate Forever
Saluda Grade Trail
Cannon Roofing

ALINE Insights

Things change fast. Our team stays on top of the trends, changes, and new tools that are shaping the world of digital marketing. Read up on the latest ways we're helping clients and the cool things we're doing in our communities.

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