Spread the Word to Buy Local

If you’re a small or family-owned local business, then you know firsthand that the “Shop Local” movement is vitally important. Part of your job as a retailer, then, is to explain to your potential customers this holiday season why shopping local matters. As part of your marketing plans this season, consider explaining how local purchases help not just you, but your entire town. Involve your customers in caring about their purchases, and you’ll increase profits and win some loyal clients.

Here are some positive results of buying local that you should be sharing in your marketing materials:

  • Money spent at local businesses results in 3.5x more dollars in the local economy than purchases made at big retailers.
  • On average, $100 spent at an independent retailer results in $73 staying locally. For that same $100 spent at a national retailer, only $43 stay local.
  • Money spent locally builds a healthy economy. Money that stays local helps business owners support local teams, charities and events. These owners spend money at schools, other businesses and via taxes.
  • Local purchases support local businesses, which build community and character. Downtown Spartanburg is vibrant, walkable and enjoyable largely because of the independent businesses that line its Main Street.
  • Local purchases are more environmentally friendly, as less fuel and resources are spent processing, shipping and packaging goods.
  • Buying local just feels good. Interacting with business owners who care about you and provide personalized service makes for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

To help share these ideas, consider writing a blog post about shopping local, posting about “Shop Local” movements on your social media accounts, or linking to one of the many infographics available online about the benefits of shopping local (giving the creators credit, of course). Taking the time to interest and educate your customers will help endear you to the community and possibly change shopping habits for the better.

Need some more ideas? Here’s one local shopping promotion from two of A-LINE’s clients. The #LRRHolidayBox campaign encourages people to share their love of Little River Roasting Company’s coffee and Dottie’s Toffee to win a holiday-packaged box of both. These two local companies have partnered to sell “A Taste of Spartanburg,” and their campaign encourages people to take photos of themselves enjoying some locally made and purchased coffee around the holiday season.

Now go enjoy some holiday promotions, sales and shopping. Just make sure it stays local.


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