H + K Gallery

H + K Gallery was set to open in May 2015, adding a stunning new art gallery to downtown Spartanburg. The gallery would feature Southern art, host events, and play an important role in Spartanburg’s arts scene and as a downtown destination. To announce the gallery, its offerings and its location, H + K needed a complete marketing package, including a logo and brand, a gorgeous website, and the full support of social media and print marketing materials. ALINE was thrilled to meet the challenge of positioning a new, family-owned business for success.

Our Approach

A new business, H + K Gallery was starting from scratch, so ALINE kicked off its strategy with a brand-positioning statement, using this summary of the gallery and its vision to frame future efforts. We designed a sleek logo and overall look for the gallery’s marketing pieces. Next came a hardworking website—one that is visually stunning, clearly organized and features the artists and their work. At the same time, it needed to remain intuitive and easy to update on the back end. We designed new boxes integrating photos of art and artists’ bios, and wrote sparkling copy for every page of the site. Finally, we supported the gallery’s opening and other events by designing customized invitations, business cards, Facebook invites, and other print collateral and social media pieces. The end result was a strong visual presence and a strong physical presence for the gallery in Downtown Spartanburg and for its prospective visitors and customers throughout the Southeast.

H + K Gallery Logos

Our Platforms

ALINE was originally founded to help promote Spartanburg small businesses. As we’ve grown, we haven’t lost our passion for helping to grow the city that we first called home. Working alongside a family as they opened a gorgeous new gallery in Spartanburg’s expanding downtown was an inspiring project. H + K Gallery now stands as a gem of downtown, attracting and influencing visitors from the South and beyond. We’re honored that our work has helped to share Southern Art and Spartanburg culture.

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