Britt Peters

In an industry where design has become an even greater focus over the past few years, leading engineering firms have embraced progressive technology and high-end design to help communicate to their audiences.

Additionally, this highly professional group of engineers is known for their precision, with the highest expectations for attention to detail and a quality end-product.

Nothing short of a expertly designed and developed website would do.

Our Solution

+ Brand Positioning & Development
+ Website Design & Development
+ Content Creation, Organization & Editing 
+ Copywriting
+ Interactive Marketing
   Strategy Recommendations

Our Approach

ALINE tackled this massive website project with a focus on the firm's impressive portfolio. Supporting features include interactive maps, intuitive but unique navigation tools, and a strategic layout that allows visitors to discover the information they are looking for amid vast amounts of content without feeling overwhelmed by extraneous information.

The end result is a visually stunning website that appeals to BPA's growing market base and adequately represents its well-earned respect in the industry. But behind the design lies a strategic approach and a forward-thinking development process that lays the groundwork for success—the very things that have made Britt, Peters such an impressive firm for more than 45 years.

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