Carolyn Baughman

Carolyn Baughman

Carolyn is a writer with more than 18 years of creative writing, marketing, and TV production experience. She writes creative web content for ALINE and enjoys connecting with clients to help shape the messages they want to share.

Carolyn also works as a freelance producer creating long and short-form video projects. She has created promos and marketing spots for Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Starz, TLC, Travel Channel, PBS, FOX, HGTV and DIY networks.

Carolyn believes in producing every project with a creative eye, a collaborative spirit and a "heck-yes-we-can-do-that!" attitude.

Where can we find Carolyn?

  • Daydreaming...
  • Homeschooling her kids.
  • Digging in the mountain dirt on her mini-homestead.
  • Counting down the days until she can go on a mountain bike ride with her husband again (or a yoga class, for that matter)!

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